Icons and Inspirations: Celebrities Who Helped Popularize Iconic Fashion Accessories

Icons and Inspirations: Celebrities Who Helped Popularize Iconic Fashion Accessories

Throughout the decades, fashion trends have had the power to unite us, allowing us to emulate our greatest idols. From Jackie Kennedy’s iconic pillbox hats to Madonna’s extensive collection of statement jewelry, the personal style of celebrities has not only been a source of inspiration, but often the very catalyst of iconic trends. Let’s take a look back at some of the most legendary fashion inspirations and the iconic accessories they helped popularize.

1. The Roots of Iconic Accessory Culture

Accessory culture has been around for centuries of fashion, but what makes it so iconic and timeless? How did the trends of statement jewelry, fascinators, and handbags come about? This section will delve into and how these trends have evolved.

  • Necklaces and Jewelry – Jewelry has been one of the most popular accessories for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian artifacts, Grecian gold coins, and colorful handmade gems were passed down through generations to make up a rich and storied history of jewelry. By the 17th century, the use of necklaces and other forms of jewelry took off as a way to showcase status and wealth. Today, jewelry has become an item of self-expression, with fashionistas exploring different designs and styles from across the world.
  • Headpieces and Fascinators – Headbands have been around for at least 6,000 years, with various cultures wearing them as part of religious or ceremonial rituals. Over time, these headpieces morphed into what we now call ‘fascinators’ – delicate caps, crowns, veils, or other headwear that create an eye-catching look. Fascinators range from simple styles to elaborate ones with delicate oriental designs, and it’s become a popular way to add a dazzling touch to any ensemble.
  • Bags – Bags and purses can be traced back to the 16th century. The most commonly used was the pouch, which was used to carry coins and other trinkets. By the 18th century, larger, more comfortable pouches began to emerge, and became known as purses. This was the first era of modern-day ‘handbags’, and bags have been a cultural symbol of status ever since. Nowadays, you can find bags in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials – from leather totes and shoulder bags to funky bucket bags.

Each accessory has something unique to offer, and the world of fashion has embraced it all. Bags and purses make it easier to carry your things when you’re on the go, and can add a touch of style to any ensemble. Statement jewelry spices up any outfit, and fascinators add a dazzling touch. Accessory culture is both steeped in history and forever adapting to the trends of the modern world, making it an iconic element of fashion.

It’s no wonder that accessory culture is still around today – it’s an easy way to show off your personal style, and to give everyday ensembles a breathtaking twist. So, if you’re looking to make a statement with your look, then delving into accessory culture is a great way to start.

2. A Wave of Celebrity Influencers

Recent years have seen a dramatic rise in the number of celebrity influencers becoming increasingly active on social media. For years brands have been utilizing the power of celebrity to give their products added visibility, yet with the introduction of social media platforms, this has become much more than just paid advertising.

Celebrities have a huge influence online, commanding millions of followers and having the potential to reach a much larger number of people than ever before. They can be powerful brand ambassadors, sharing their lives and opinions to a huge audience all around the world.

This has created a new avenue for celebrities to become influencers, through curating and creating content related to the products and services they endorse. With this potential to reach a large global audience, it’s no wonder why many celebrities have embraced the power of influencer marketing.

  • Kylie Jenner is one of the leading celebrity influencers. Her social media posts have led to countless deals with companies such as Puma, Balmain, and Estee Lauder.
  • Selena Gomez has also seen a surge in influence since becoming a brand ambassador for Coach. She provides regularly updates and pictures advocating the brand, as well as wearing their clothing and accessories.
  • Katy Perry has been tapping into influencer marketing for years, having partnered with brands like Covergirl and Nordstrom. She regularly posts content related to the brands, making her an influential and effective influencer.

The success of celebrity influencers such as Jenner, Gomez, and Perry goes to show the potential of influencer marketing when celebrities get involved. With the right strategies and endorsements, celebrities can have an overwhelming impact on the buying decisions of their followers.

Famous celebrities have long been a source of inspiration for fashion, trends, and hairstyles. Over the years, celebs have brought countless styles and looks to the public’s attention. Here a few of the styles they have made popular.

Cropped Hair Cuts

One noteworthy hairstyle celebs have popularized is the cropped cut. You can think of the ladies of Spice Girls with their Chin-length bobs or the enchanting Halle Berry and her pixie cut. Even men such as Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx have worn fresh takes on the classic short do.

Flat Ironed

Flat ironed hair has been around since the nineties when Jennifer Aniston first brought the straight look to the stars. Nowadays, the trend still continues with celebs like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. From poker straight to slight waves, flat ironed hair looks effortless and soft.


Braids are having a huge moment this year and celebs like Yara Shahidi, Alicia Keys and Zendaya are all fans. From chunky cornrows to tight French twists, the styles can be as edgy or classic as needed. Not to forget, now guys like Cam Newton and Tiwa Savage are also braiding up in a big way.

Man Buns

Man buns were a popular style that celebs helped make trendy. Innovated by the likes of Jared Leto and Leonardo Di Caprio, this style requires long enough hair to tie up and is quite versatile. Nowadays, guys from Jason Momoa to Tom Hardy still sport this manly look.


Especially among men, ‘the fade’ has been popularized by celebs such as David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Usher. From high to low fades, this style works with almost any face shape and is very popular for its versatility and ease of maintenance.

The influence of celebrities in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends is undeniable in today’s world. With social media being easily accessible and everywhere, it’s hard not to find celebrities rocking the latest trend after only a few minutes of scrolling. So, is it the celebrity influence that makes the fashion evolve?

It’s easy to look at a fashion trend blowing up and attribute it solely to the celebrities rocking it. But could it be something else? Some trends start from grassroots level, so could it be that celebrities are just early adopters?

  • Celebrities Are Early Adopters

No doubt, celebrities have a large sway on today’s trends. But when it comes to setting the trend, in most cases it seems that it’s the other way around. Some people have found success, even notoriety, through creating fashions and having them picked up by celebrities. Just look at the likes of Paloma Elsesser, or Nyandyai Yafele, who started out in the world of fashion blogging before slipping into a career based on their own style.

  • Consumers Have A Crucial Role Too

It isn’t just celebrities. The everyday consumer plays a huge part in the evolution of fashion too. Social media provides a platform to share your lifestyle choices and fashion. In turn, this could inspire anyone who sees it from the top celebrities to people on their daily newsfeed. Sure, celebrities can get more people talking about a trend, but people on the street play a huge role.

The influence of celebrities in the fashion world has always been there and it will continue to be a factor in the evolution of fashion. Consumers, however, grow just as much of a trend these days. It isn’t always the celebrities that set it—it’s often the everyday people.

Now we have seen how celebrities from different eras have helped to popularize iconic fashion accessories and how their influence has endured. From Jennifer Aniston’s iconic “Rachel” hairstyle to Madonna’s cone bra, these fashion icons have made a lasting impact on the fashion world and their influence is still seen today. Thanks for taking the time to examine these icons and the accessories they helped shape the world of fashion.


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